Difference between Fashion and Style !! Signature Kesavi

Posted by Juhi Hudiya on

"Fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it"

Fashion takes our attention away from ourselves, the style brings our attention directly to ourselves. fashion is like what's in the stories now, trends, buy now, wear now but next season it doesn't make sense to wear it because trend will be the over . style is like in your wardrobe there are so many old clothes and you still wear it with enthusiasm and you style it for you and fits you perfectly .

"Fashion is universal, style is individual.

Style is very personal it has nothing to do with fashion, fashion is shifting, today, now and then. it likely won’t be very soon, possibly as early as tomorrow (and if not then, then next week or next month

so hope you all understand the difference between both of them or may you already know!!

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