ESCOBAR Beard Wax _100 GM

Color Name : Multi

Product Type : Wax

Sku Size/ Weight : 100 gm

Shelf Life ( Months ) : 36 months 

Skin / Hair Type : All Skin Type 

Gender : Men ( Male )

About the Brand : Escobar products and facial treatments are unparalleled in performance and purity, employing only the highest grade, ethically-sourced essential oils, and natural actives to effectively nourish and nurture.

Description : "Escobar Beard Wax- Beard Wax Classic hold lets you explore that subtle form of your beard which will transform you into the most magnetic personality.

About: Beard Wax Is Great Because It Helps Keep Your Beard Looking Nice and Strong While Keeping It Protected From Weather Elements Such as Wind and Rain. As You Can See, Based on the Ingredients You Would Assume That the Wax Is Almost the Same as the Wax. However, that’s Not the Case Because the Proportions of the Ingredients Differ"

How to use :  "Before You Apply the Beard Wax, you must ensure that it is clean and dry , if it isn't it is time to bring out the shampoo. Run a comb through it first, and take some wax on your palm, and start on one side of the beard, then the other.Use the comb to style and set the beard on both sides and then to set the front."

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