ESCOBAR De Tan Face Pack _100 GM

Color Name : Multi

Product Type : Pack

Sku Size/ Weight : 100 gm

Shelf Life ( Months ) : 36 months 

Skin / Hair Type : All Skin Type 

Gender : Men ( Male )

About the Brand : Escobar products and facial treatments are unparalleled in performance and purity, employing only the highest grade, ethically-sourced essential oils, and natural actives to effectively nourish and nurture.

Description : "De Tan Pack- Don't recognize the face you see in the mirror? It's because of the sun! Remove that mask on your face and show the world your true face with the Vito de tan pack!
About: - We have introduced the Escobar De-Tan Pack with the goal to get everything off from your skin without too much rubbing, which can exacerbate skin conditions like acne. First-in-class, this De-Tan Pack off combines the properties of Thyme Oil and other natural ingredients that exfoliate, detoxify and cleanse deeply to give the glowing skin.

How to use :  "Apply a thick layer. Let the formulation rest till semi dry on damp skin. Clean It thoroughly with normal water. Use twice a week or more, depending on Sun Exposure."

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