NutriGlow Natural's Bamboo & Charcoal Face & Body Scrub _200 GM

Color Name : Multi
Product Type : Scrub
Sku Size/Weight : 200 gm
Shelf Life (Months) : 36 Months
Skin/Hair Type : All Skin Types
Gender : Unisex (male, female & both)

About the Brand: NutriGlow products and facial treatments are unparalleled in performance and purity, employing only the highest grade, ethically-sourced essential oils, and natural actives to effectively nourish and nurture.

Description: It is quite important for a scrub to have certain basic characteristics, like that of purification and detoxification. NutriGlow has brought a face and body scrub that has been researched and developed by dermatologists keeping this function a priority along with many other benefits. The activated bamboo charcoal in the body scrub has good adsorbing properties. Yes, you read it right, Adsorbing properties. Adsorption refers to the quality where the charcoal first attracts the dirt, oils, toxins towards itself which then get latched on to the surface and gets stored inside the charcoal. Activated bamboo charcoal has more of this power in comparison with regular charcoal. The Face and Body Scrub not only exfoliates the skin but also detoxes and purifies the skin.

How to use: Apply a layer of the Scrub on the damp face and neck, avoiding the area around your eyes and lips. Massage your skin well going from the neck upwards to the jawline, cheeks, and forehead. Focus on the sides of your nose, chin, and forehead to remove deep-seated grime. Avoid using hard pressure as it can hurt the skin. Wash off the scrub with warm water. Splash face with cold water as the last rinse to close the pores and tone the skin. Pat dry, moisturize skin post-cleaning.For external use only.Patch Test Advisable.

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