NutriGlow Natural's Bamboo & Charcoal Face Pack _200 GM

Color Name : Multi
Product Type : Face Pack
Sku Size/Weight : 200 gm
Shelf Life (Months) : 36 Months
Skin/Hair Type : All Skin Types
Gender : Unisex (male, female & both)

About the Brand: NutriGlow products and facial treatments are unparalleled in performance and purity, employing only the highest grade, ethically-sourced essential oils, and natural actives to effectively nourish and nurture.

Description: NutriGlow offers detox, skin lightening, and moisturization, all in one simple face pack! The Bamboo charcoal face pack contains activated bamboo charcoal which aims at giving the skin deep cleansing and detoxification as a priority. The activated bamboo charcoal has extremely high adsorption properties. Adsorption is when the charcoal attracts the undesired and harmful substance towards itself and then stores them within, ridding the skin of all the toxins. But, couldn’t simple charcoal do the same? No. It may have the same adsorption properties, yet it does not have a surface area that activated bamboo charcoal has. So, it does not have the same capacity as activated bamboo charcoal! Leaving the face pack on the skin to semi-dry, allows the activated bamboo charcoal to thoroughly work and give the skin intense cleaning

How to use: This purifying Face Pack works by repairing & tightening the upper layer of the skin which is actually a great way to uncover the healthy, glowing and new skin that is hodden beneath any dull and dead cells.To use this pack, take the desired amount and apply an evenly spread moderate layer on moistened skin.Let the formulation rest for till semi-dry.Later, Rinse it off thoroughly with mormal water and pat dry.

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